One week away…I am so excited to see my friend/translator

I love to try and speak Spanish, in fact I study Spanish pretty regularly. I can understand a lot of what I hear, I can understand many of the things I read , but I am not confident with my speaking ability.

I need a translator! Sometimes!

One of the absolute best translators I have ever worked with is my good friend Joel. I first met Joel when he was translating for our group. I noticed his genuine passion for people and it was more than a job. He loved people!

As we would talk privately about his life and his family, and my life and family, he became more than our translator, we became close friends.

I had a conversation one day on a dirt road with a young couple who shared their painful lives. As tears welled up in their eyes, they welled up in Joel’s eyes too. As he translated their story with the same passion they had shared, I knew my friend had compassion, passion and love. That’s the kind of person I want as a friend!

Joel, my friend…I look forward to seeing you in a few short days. I thank you in advance for being our translator but more importantly for being a great friend!

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