What a beautiful heart…just buried a little bit

We sat around the table at the outside kitchen/restaurant, a number of the people in the small community were gathered around. We sat with our good friend Joel and it was there I was introduced to his shy, quiet little sister, Anna.

We began to engage in conversation with Anna it was clear she was shy, yet smart. I asked her to tell me about her community, the good things and the difficulties she saw. She shared but was reserved.

We began to build a relationship and I shared my observation was that teens around the world enjoy serving other people. I asked if she knew of any needs in her community and she shared people needed clothes and then she shared about a single mom with two children who was in need of food. I asked her if she would like to meet that need tonight and she said yes.

I said, “Because you have a heart to help others, I would like to give you the opportunity to bless your neighbour.” We ended up buying 8 fried tacos from her mom so that Anna could then go and bless her neighbour. We talked about how food was more than food, that it was hope, love, encouragement and when we feed others it is like feeding Jesus. Matt 25

Anna went and delivered the food and came back very happy, she said “the family I helped is coming here in a few minutes to meet you and Morgan.” The family came and sat at the table with us and we were able to pray with them and Anna too.

The young mom said, “we had been praying for a miracle today to feed our family. Tonight Anna came with the food and God heard our prayer.”

Other friends of Anna then came by because they heard what she had done. I asked them what they thought of what Anna did? They said we are surprised because she is so shy. I said, “I think this is really who Anna is, this is her heart.”

They hugged her and agreed!

It was a great night and tomorrow night we are going back to the community to keep building relationships with those there and especially the teens!

It was an amazing night.

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