Building trusting communities, one family at a time

Sacrificial, sold out, courageous, faithful and loving are just a few words I can use to describe someone I have great respect for.

Let me tell you about this person, the pastor at Slave Lake Wesleyan Church.

Please read this and be inspired, like I am.

First let me say, that the work being done in her community could only be done by a woman, a woman with the characteristics I shared to start this blog. Because of Peggy Yetman and her sacrificial love, lives are being impacted for the Kingdom. But make no mistake, it has been hard and continues to be hard.

Due to lack of finances in her church, Peggy has not received her required salary on a regular basis. The church simply does not have the resources to pay her. There are only 5 regular adult members of the church who can support the work.

BUT they are reaching out to many children in the community, so they have a church of children and teens. They are working diligently to reach the parents but it is very challenging work, due to many circumstances.

Right now the church is strapped financially and are unable to meet their financial commitments. The work here is so vital, it truly is a safe place, a place of love, acceptance and much more. They cannot sustain themselves and we as the body, need to step in and help.

In my discussions with Pastor Peggy, we feel the church needs $10,000 right away to get them to a place where they can meet real needs, pay their pastor, pay their utilities and impact their community even more directly.

Today we were driving home from a time in the community and we came across a little girl walking on the street by herself in the rain and it is a cold day . She saw Pastor Peggy and hollered, “Pastor Peggy” and came running to the vehicle. Her dad had taken her to the library and went to buy groceries but the library closed early and the little girl was walking home. Pastor Peggy provided a safe place for this little girl, took the little girl to the church and made sure the dad knew where to pick her up.

This is reality. Peggy has built powerful, trusting relationships and we need her and this church to be here in this community.

If you would be willing to make a donation of any amount to this very important ministry, please send cheques payable to Slave Lake Wesleyan Church, 321 5th St. NW, Slave Lake, Alberta T0G 2A1, or donate online via etransfer at All donations will receive tax receipts.

On behalf of Peggy and myself we want to thank you for praying and for your important investment!

God bless you all!

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