Three years ago I did this, now in 2019…

A little over three years ago I embarked on a journey to discover what it was like to be to live on less than $2/ day for food. I learned so much and for 49 days I was able to live on less than $2/day, closer to $1.65/ day.

I find myself in a new place in my life, and feeling like a number of things are converging for me to take a new step into discovering how other people may live.

Here is the backdrop:

1. The rising inflation costs in Haiti and so many other nations has meant that families are paying almost double for food, making food insecurity even more real.

2. I have been talking with incredible people that have suffered greatly for their faith and it has caused these people and so many others to lose family, home, the ability to provide for loved ones including food and even death.

3. I have been challenged to set my eyes on heavenly things and not on earthly things and to change my perspective on things. This is going to require a new way to think and act.

So to this end, for the next 40 days beginning today, I will be:

  1. Spending $1/day or less for food
  2. I will not spend money ahead of time to purchase food in advance, I can however choose to not spend my $1 for that particular day and save it to make a bigger purchase in the future for food. So, for instance if I wanted to buy a dozen eggs for $3 I would need to not buy any other food for those three days.
  3. The money I spend cannot come from my personal money, it needs to be something that someone gives to me or hire me for something to do.
  4. Any money that comes to me over and above that $1/day will be used to help others who struggle with food insecurity, being persecuted for their faith or to give to a vision we have to help others.
  5. If I am offered food outside of these boundaries, I will ask that person to give the food to someone else in need or donate the amount of that food to help those listed above.
  6. I will start this process with a bag of rice!

I will also be posting each day my thoughts and what I am learning if you want to follow along.

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