Desperately searching for something

I dug in the side of my couch and found a dime, yes .10 cents!

I need to find it. The frantic search began. I lifted up cushions, looking in places I haven’t looked in a very long time, maybe never.

Day 3 of my 40 day challenge has begun, and after eating less than a cup of rice for the past two days I am feeling hungry. I would like to buy a little bit of food but after two days no money has come to me, so I need to think of other ways to earn my $1/day.

I am truly thankful for the learning I am already receiving because it has caused me to already think differently. Here are a few of these ways:

  1. I began my day by praying for my daily bread. It takes on a whole new meaning when you can’t spend money you don’t have.
  2. I have begun to think and pray about others, who through no fault of their own are in this same position daily, not being able to buy anything.
  3. I knew I had to somehow find a way to earn some money. What could I do to earn it? How would I be able to even ask people for an opportunity to earn a bit of money. I understand that when people are truly desperate to provide food for themselves or for their family, that they may be forced to do things they normally wouldn’t, even if the consequences are negative.
  4. If I couldn’t see a way to earn money, I needed to search for money. I dug in the side of my couch and found a dime. Yes .10 cents and I rejoiced. Later I found another dime hidden under some furniture. Now I had .20 but what could I buy. Not much, but I became very grateful for this wonderful and unexpected gift. I also found another $1.25 in an old cup holder, what a blessing!

So today I am a blessed man, because I found $1.45. I am going to give 10% of that back to God for today, he heard my prayer and will allow me to have something to eat.

I am so grateful for this experience, and am praying as well for another $2, so I can catch up on two days with nothing coming in financially, but I have gained so much more and that I cannot put a price on.

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