Why do people hide food under their bed?

With great hopes I entered the grocery store, I had my $4 with me! It was going to be a beautiful day.

Yesterday afternoon I had a friend give me $3 towards food, all I could say was “thank you” because it meant I could go and buy some food! To say I was happy would be a definite understatement.

I had also found the little bit of money yesterday, so I was ready to go on a shopping spree, with $4.20 in my pocket.

I walked through Walmart, looking to see what I could buy with my bounty! Hmm…this was going to be tougher than I had planned, because everything was too expensive. Many things looked good, but I either didn’t have the money or I didn’t want a short term solution, I needed food that could last for three or four days in case I don’t receive money again soon.

I wondered how long could I could make the food stretch if I only ate a little bit of what I purchased each day.

I was taken back to another place in my mind.

I was reminded of the experiences we have had in the past, visiting children in orphanages and other vulnerable situations. The children, when they were fed, would often hide food under their clothes or bed if they had one. They would eat a little bit from the food they were given, but like squirrels would stash away the extra.

I didn’t understand what they were doing until someone told me that they wanted to have food for later in case there was no food the next day.

That’s what living in poverty and lacking food can cause people to do. If you don’t know when you can eat food again, you learn to adjust your consumption, simply because you never know when you can eat again.

So today I bought, spaghetti (no sauce), pancake mix and a loaf of French bread from the marked down section because it’s best before date is tomorrow. Total cost $4.19

I ate a small amount of the bread and never opened the spaghetti or pancake mix. I couldn’t because I don’t know what tomorrow brings.

I will continue to pray for my daily bread!

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