What it is like to be hungry, and at the same time full!

The aroma of the food caught my attention right away. I was in a place where people were cooking and oh did the food smell wonderful.

At that moment I was reminded again why I am doing this 40 days. It is not so I can not have food, it’s because I want to understand.

I want to understand what it must be like to be imprisoned for your faith and put in a shipping container and be fed only tea and stale bread each day for days, months and sadly even years. The world around you carries on and you are unable to eat a simple meal. You can smell others food and see them eating, but it is not an option for you!

I want to understand how it would impact someone, to not be able to eat when those all around them are eating what they want at anytime and yet all you can do is wonder what it tastes like.

I am trying to understand what it must be like daily to decide between paying for housing or food for your child.

I can tell you this, when you are hungry, truly hungry, you have to find a way to take care of that need. Without that it must be impossible to think about other things.

So tonight, again I was thankful that I couldn’t eat, because the lessons are so valuable and the perspective I am gaining is priceless!

Day 5 and eating a pancake was incredible. I am hungry, but very very full!

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