I could begin to feel the pain a bit more

Walking the aisles of the grocery store for 30 minutes, was exhausting, you want to know why?

The battle in my mind was in two areas:

What could I buy for 1.75? I encourage you to take walk though any supermarket and the reality is there is almost nothing available for that price, that can sustain a person more than one day.

Second debate in my mind! Should I spend the 1.75 today if I found something to fill the above need? If I was willing to wait and I received a dollar from someone in the next two or three days I could then buy eggs, which is what I really want, because I feel it would be a great long term purchase.

I began to really think about those who do without many days, maybe it is because they need to not spend money for a few days in order to try and purchase something that will sustain them.

But when you are really hungry, sometimes you can’t wait. You have to take care of the immediate need, at the expense of the long term.

I wish some foods were much more cheaper to buy. Why do things that are best for us appear most expensive? Why are things that are cheap to purchase not healthy to eat?

I am learning again that those who cannot eat well or often, they likely suffer from more than hunger pains. Hunger impacts a person financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

So I decided to spend my 1.75 on a can of chick peas that I can add to rice, and a tomato because I needed something healthy and something long term.

I will need to wait til Friday likely to get my eggs! Maybe I can wait, but that will mean I can’t buy anything else. Hard hard choices!

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