Today’s meal was from an unexpected place

Yesterday was a fabulous day, hanging out with our granddaughter after church and just enjoying her positive little heart. We love her, what a gift from God!

After inquiring with her what she might want for lunch, she thought french fries and a cheeseburger would be good, plus it came with a book, she loves to read and yogurt and apple juice.

We brought her food home and she sat down to eat her cheeseburger happy meal. She ate most of her fries and nibbled away at her burger. Then she was done eating after finishing up her yogurt.

We put her leftover burger in the fridge, I don’t want to see food wasted and she was coming to our house today.

Today she came and I reminded her that the rest of her burger was in the fridge and I asked her if she wanted it. She happily said yes and ate more of her burger, and left what she didn’t want on the counter.

I was working away on things and my wife cleaned up in the living room and put the leftover pieces of burger in a box to be put in the garbage. At supper time I was thinking what I would have to eat and was cleaning up the counter. I was about to toss the box in the garbage when I saw the little bit of burger left.

I ate it! I ate it!

When I did, I had the feeling of what it could possibly feel like to eat someone else’s garbage. It was very humbling!

I hesitated to share this story, but I think hunger makes us look for creative solutions.

Maybe those solutions for some people are digging through someone else’s waste, someone else’s “garbage”.

I love my granddaughter and can’t wait to treat her to something special again, not so I can eat her leftovers, simply because she is an incredible little girl that is constantly teaching me how to be a better person!

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