No shoes, no socks… it can be a problem

She came to our attention about a week ago. Here in our city was a teen without a pair of shoes to wear, other than her sneakers with the soles ripped in half.

I will come back to her story in a moment….

Last year I heard the story of a young man in need of shoes that went to school each day having very low self esteem. His mom, though she wanted to, was not able to buy him shoes.

The people around saw his vulnerability and some people decided they would get this boy some shoes if he would simply pick up an extortion envelope from a business. It was that easy, he would serve the g_ng by getting their money, and in return he would get nice shoes.

The next day when he went to school and had on nice new “kicks”, lots of kids noticed and told him how nice they were, and his self esteem was on the mend. It was the beginning of a life of pain that led to jail and nearly destroyed his life.

It all started with a pair of shoes!

Since I heard that story I have always had my heart attuned to this specific need. The need for basics like footwear and clothing.

So when we saw this need, I shared with some friends . They stepped into this space to take care of this need.

We went to the shoe store and the teen bought socks, shoes and new sandals. We got her sushi for lunch, her choice! We bought her some needed clothing. She dint have socks either!

I would rather have her self esteem lifted up, and have her remember that there are people who care, no strings attached. She has value and God loves her!

Thank you to all who made this possible!

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