What does Boaz mean to her? I feel like I belong!

When I moved to Canada, my most challenging thing was not understanding the language and having no friends.

My name is “sunshine”, and I am 16 years old. I am the last of eleven children in my family and I come from one of the smallest countries in Africa, Burundi.

We asked this young lady what our local BOAZ MOSAIC program meant to her? MOSAIC is designed to create a safe place for teens to come together and live life together, and learn about each other’s customs, building friendships with those from other cultures.

Mosaic means alot to me because I got to make new friends from everywhere and they were open to talk whenever I had a question or was facing a hard time. It is also a place where everyone belongs and you can share anything and no one will judge you. Because of this group, I feel like I belong and am facing less challenges because of it!

We are proud of you Lucy!

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