I have witnessed the evil of human trafficking

After I sat at the table and shared a meal with those being human trafficked, I knew I would never stop fighting for justice.

This is not social justice!

This is God’s justice!

God made every person in His image, and all have value, great value…no matter what others say and how they act.

I did not set out eight years ago when I started Boaz for us to be involved in a battle for the lives of teens and children impacted by trafficking. I simply started out to bring value and dignity and provide safe and affordable housing for at risk teens and their families where needed.

I didn’t really know much about human trafficking almost a decade ago, but I began to see how vulnerability led to a number of things, and human trafficking became one of those areas we knew we had to get involved in, to protect teens and children from this horrible industry.

Today was another day where we were going to face the reality: either we save a young family from imminent danger or we turn our hearts away and let another family be destroyed.

It would be easier to not get involved, but again, once you have met trafficking victims face to face and know their stories and feel their pain, it isn’t an option.

At this point we have been able to prevent 5 families from walking this horrible road and have protected 7 children.

Today we began a journey with another family and another girl. We will fight for this family and stand with them!

If you would like to help this family, or get involved in impacting lives specific to human trafficking, please send me an email at boazlighthouse@gmail.com

I will be able to update this particular story tomorrow. We are dealing with the crisis today and the development plan for this family has already been put into motion.

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