She couldn’t go to school, so she came every day to help others until she could

“My mom told me that I can’t go to school because she is not working and there is no money for school supplies.”

This story is shared by Anna, one of our partners in Honduras. She explains how sponsorship changed the life of Estephanie and her sponsor!

It has been 2 years since I first met Estephanie. The new school year had started and I was visiting one of the Manos Extendidas pre-school in Honduras. As I entered the class room, I saw a youth helping the students. I went to her and she knew my name. She said “Anna, my brother is sponsored he is in grade 2. I have never had the opportunity to be sponsored.” My mom told me that I can’t go to school because she is not working and there is no money for school supplies.

I went home that night and cried. Here is a youth that loves school and without support from a sponsor her education has ended. Estephanie had completed her grade 6 with high honors. Her dream to be a doctor was shattered.

I needed to tell her story to see if I could find her a sponsor. When I found a sponsor it was too late for her to start school two years ago, because she missed too much time.

This didn’t upset Estephanie she knew that the following year she would be back in class if she could receive a sponsor. In the meantime she received a hot meal each day as she helped the other children.

The other night I was talking to Estephaine. She said “Anna I am so blessed to have someone to help me. My life has

changed because of my sponsor! I look forward to hearing from him. I know that he is praying for me and my family.

I have many friends in school. My mother whom I love so much is truly a warrior. She provides for the family as best she can. She is there for me and my brother. She is so thankful that my sponsor is there to help with my education.

On the wall in my house I have all the letters that my sponsor sent me. I know that he is proud of me!

He is helping me to fulfill my dream to become a Doctor… I want to save many lives!”

Boaz Global would love to have you join us in helping more Estephanie’s. We have opportunities for child sponsorship in Haiti and Honduras, to feed kids through our initiative to provide 200,000 meals, to provide school fees for kids that have no one able to assist them. any amount from $5.00 to $50,000.00 would be incredible!

If you would like to help, click the link provided (it takes about 30 seconds to make a donation):

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